Critical Incident

Critical Incident - Troy Blackford

For the record, I don't read many thrillers anymore, at least the contemporary ones that seem like creepy newspaper headlines.


Since I do like variety, and Troy Blackford was kind enough to offer this one for free, I decided to give it a try.


Critical Incident was a compelling, page turner. Until I got to the halfway point. ( Refer to my previous post.)  Without putting in a spoiler, I will tell you that an apartment scene and a warehouse scene made me put the book aside out of fear of nightmares.


After a few days, I picked it up again, but skipped to the end. Then I proceeded to finish the whole book.


Here is my summary:


1) Fast-paced, compelling story

2) Clear writing style

3)  Original and interesting story lines and plots

4) The ending seemed a bit rushed, but the author did resolve all open questions


This book would probably get a higher rating from thriller fans, but I deducted points just for the nightmares.