G.R.O.I.D. Gradual. Race. Objective. In. Dilution.

GROID 2235 AD...Gradual.Race.Objective.In.Dilution - Thomas Ray

At the start, I was a bit concerned that G.R.O.I.D. was going to be a very quantum physics dense story. Once I got through the introduction, the novella was a very quick and compelling Sci-Fi read.


Thomas Gregory Ray explored some very interesting ideas regarding race and class distinctions and bias in a futuristic setting. His main character, Reglar, was part of a society that had genetically evolved to look, speak and act like everyone else, although an inner individuality sparked inside.


My biggest complaint about the book is that it was far too short. I would have loved to have explored some of the characters more deeply. Hopefully, the author will pursue writing more books on this topic.


UPDATE: After my original post a few hours ago, Thomas Gregory Ray sent me a tweet to let me know that there is a follow-up book. It is called "G.R.O.I.D. 2235 Rise of B.A.B.E.L."