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Author of "Spotted Overcoat, Poetry on the Lam."  In addition,  I  collaborate on a poetry blog called "the lost beat" with my cousin and fiction writer, Tom Janikowski.


Reading and listening take me to unexpected places. Writing poetry and storytelling allows me to share the unexpected.


Giveaway Ends Soon!

If you don't yet know this, I will be giving away copies of my poetry book, "Spotted Overcoat, Poetry on the Lam," to three lucky winners on BookLikes!


The giveaway ends July 31st, so sign up now!


Good luck and happy reading!

Later, Edgar...

Since I was reading "The Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe" in e-book format , I had to set it aside for a while. My office is in a hot and stuffy little room. Not great for reading on a PC in the summer.


So...even though I love you, Edgar Allan Poe, I am abandoning you until cooler weather arrives.

The Ruby Brooch

The Ruby Brooch - Katherine Lowry Logan

I just finished reading "The Ruby Brooch." This book tied historical fiction, romance, mystery and time travel into a page turner. I am looking forward to reading Katherine Lowry Logan's forthcoming novels. She had some interesting characters whose lives will be hopefully  be developed more in those books.

Book Hopping All Weekend

Happy Monday!


This past weekend, I had hopes of taking time to finish reading one of my in-progress books.


As with most weekends during the Summer, good weather and family events seem to come between me and my reading. On top of that, I received a book in the mail that I have been anxious to read: my spare time I have been book hopping.


Sipping books can make your head spin a bit, so I am going to get back on track this week... if I don't get distracted by yet another book...


Newbie to BookLikes

Hello Everyone!


It is nice to meet you! My name is Denise Janikowski-Krewal.


This is my first post to BookLikes to introduce myself.


I like to read. A lot.  On a variety of topics.  I read slow because I like to savor each word.

Hopefully, my comments will stir an interest in some books that you have never read and vice versa.


I am looking forward to reading more about your thoughts on books.


Best to you,


-   Denise

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